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Ich bin 28 Jahre alt und mag Fremdsprachen und anderere Kulturen. My German is not that bad, but still I need to improve. I am looking for new friends from Japan who can teach me a thing or two about their language and culture. I'm Linda, 20 years old and I would like to learn the french language!

Ich würde sehr gerne mein Spanisch verbessern und neue Leute kennenlerneren :) Viele Grüße Fenja Hi my name is Jasmin, I'm 31 years old and I'm from Germany. I speak English very well and did visit Japan once before. I can speak german and english fluently so it's also a pleasure to me to help other people in these languages, especially in german! My Name is Maria, but all People called me Mariella.

Now I want continue to learn more Chinese since I shedule to return to China.

Hallo, ich bin Fenja und studiere Spanisch in Deutschland. I am working in a company in Cologne, where I need to use German language a lot. Hello there, my name is Lennox I'm 18 years old and from Germany.

Btw this is my second ID, since the first one isnt really up to date. Hey there:) I'm a former Au Pair, who stayed in San Francisco, US for a year and since I'm back in Germany I miss it a lot.

Additionally I don't have the opportunity to speak a lot of english anymore, so I'm looking for some new in..... I lived many years in Beijing, but since I was too busy with my job I learned only some phrases in Chinese.

A language exchange with a pen pal from Germany is an excellent way to make a friend from Germany, learn about its culture and improve your foreign language skills.

Click on a name for more information or to contact the member.Occupation is software developer, currently mostly active in augmented rea..... Petersburg, live in Germany for the last 12,5 years.Would like to learn French as I am absolutely in love with everything that is French : art, music, culture, food, wine, language, Paris...The formality of a meeting may make it difficult for an outsider to assess how things are going, but a lengthy examination of a proposal will indicate serious intent.

In German business dealings, it is important to provide solid facts and examples to back up proposals, given the German preference for analytical thinking and rational explanations.I'm really interested in science, languages and other cultures and hope that I can improve my language skills, so that I will be able to talk to native speakers and visit other countries without language barriers and broaden my mind.I pride myself in being compassionate, aware, evolved (or at least evolving), articulate and considerate.The following sections deal with the various stages of a business meeting and examine the issues of cultural sensitivity in this area.

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