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25-May-2017 05:33

Golfweek's Brentley Romine was on the scene to capture footage of Lee outdriving his fellow Aussie."Yeah, that's crushed me," you can hear Day say on the clip as the crowd goes crazy.

Lee graduated from high school in November and is the younger brother of Minjee Lee, a three-time LPGA winner at 20.

Min Woo drives Soo Hyun to get them, and he starts dropping hints but at the same time evades questions about him and Bom.

He seems really pleased with himself that he gets Soo Hyun to fall for it. Somehow the conversation leads to eating roundworms, which Bom has never heard of.

I also love that when Bom is later interviewed, she doesn't even realize the things she said - oh Bommie!

So glad I am not the only one who doesn't follow the "think before you speak" adage.

I wonder if he just stood in there for a few minutes, deciding what to do next.

Bom cons Chan Yeol into coming to play the piano with her and is furiously trying to arrange the matching cell phones, etc, so that Chan Yeol sees. ) Miss MMA is the next to notice that the supposed couple has matching phones, once again leading to whispers and speculation.

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Sorry y'all.bcook: It is terrifyingly gross isn't it. 1) of course he's still single because he hasn't met me yet 2) I'm not an irrational fangirl. He probably has some habits that are a big deterrent/intimidating (especially for a typical korean woman) *cracks fingers and neck* I'm up for the task.The thing is, they're having a hard time getting anyone to take the bait.Once again it's cutie-pie Chan Yeol who is suspicious, and fearing that he was intruding on their "together time" when he walked into the living room, he quickly said he was there to use the bathroom.Eric answered with a firm ‘No’ when the members asked for his opinion, and Junjin felt that, “If marriage is not on the cards, I was thinking, why should it be made public?

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Aug 29, 2012. What is the one thing you must say to your girlfriend when you have one? Eric None Minwoo My confession of love. Dongwan Let's fall in love. Hyesung Let's be in love forever. Junjin I love you. Andy You are M. I. L that's a line of T. O. P as you all would know – stands for Millennium, Innocent, Love.… continue reading »

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