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20-Sep-2017 00:34

I am not sure if my mom suspected I wanted the camera to photograph her preferably naked, semi-nude or at least showing some skin.Unfortunately from the minute we opened our presents that Christmas morning, she grabbed Aunt Greta's annual sweater gift from under the tree, put it on and never seemed to wear anything but high necked clothes through May of the next year."Honey I don't care what you call it, you are not taking a photograph of me without me saying okay, okay? "Okay mom, you're the boss, no photo without your okay, agreed." I thought about going upstairs to unplug my camera, to stop charging, when mom brought dinner to the table. Dinner tasted great, as did dessert and I told mom so. I switched the camera on and moved side to side snapping a couple of shots as mom starred at the camera lens. "Mom you photograph great, look at these shots." I kneeled beside her and flipped back through the shots on the camera's small screen." Mom's voice was rising; apparently she suspected her son was a pervert. "Mom, thank you for making a great meal, I'll wash & dry the dishes, you finish the wine". "Thank you sweetie, happy birthday for tomorrow." Fact was I was going out with friends Saturday night to celebrate, so mom had cooked dinner the night before my birthday. "I don't normally drink 3 glasses of wine, I'm becoming a lush." She laughed as she spoke. She had friends her own age who were unable to last any day past 6 pm without wine or liquor and once started would drink for the rest of the evening. I was a little surprised & pleased to see she was not smiling or making any "pose" faces as I moved in front of her. "Thanks sweetie, when we were young your father used to take a lot of photographs." I did not ask but I took the comment to mean, mom enjoyed having her photograph taken.I upload the photos from the camera through this wire into my PC where I can delete or re-size them as I want." She was speechless. " she said pointing at one that I had hurried and looked like crap.I was not going to confuse her with the latest cameras that uploaded to the Cloud as soon as a pic is taken or remind her that my smart phone could send a photo across the world within seconds of it being taken. "Of course mom." I highlighted and clicked delete as she oohed in my ear.

"I'm charging it now." I explained returning to our dining room, facing her puzzled-where did you just go expression? " "The yard, the dog, my friends, nature, our great town." I responded, studying her face intently, knowing she was excluded from my list. "And you mom, I need photographs of you to practice taking pictures of the human form." "I'm not sure sweetie; I do not want you sneaking around snapping photos of me when I'm not expecting it." She had stopped setting the table and was starring me in the eyes."Whatever happened to that camera I bought you for Christmas?The one you had to have over everything else, you know it cost a lot of money? "I had a couple of problems with the software, I couldn't get it to update online." I lied."No problem mom, I'll always ask before I take a photo. " Note to self, check owners manual, can I silence the click sound on my camera? " "But mom, a photographer has to be able to take photos when the subject is not posing or responding to the camera.

"I am serious sweetie, I do not want any surprise photos, no sneaky pics. I need to get natural shots." I wondered if mom was aware that natural could mean naked. " "Err yes please." "Go ahead." She moved her body a little to straighten her back, kept her hands in her lap & looked at me.I could see down the front of her nightie, her nice sized breasts were hanging down braless & beautiful.I inhaled quickly, she heard me, looked at my eyes and stood up fast. "Mom does this mean I can take photographs of you anytime because we can delete them whenever you want?"Mom, I loaded the photos onto my computer, you look great." "Sweetie, how did you get the pictures so fast, how did you...where are the photos....where are the negatives?

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