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on front cover (col.); Norio Awazu, Picasso, Tokyo 1975, p.91, repr.; ‘Malraux's Conversations with Picasso’, Art News, vol.74, no.10, Dec.1975, p.40; Pierre Cabanne, Le Siècle de Picasso: 2.

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Bibliography of books on Cartridges or Ammunition. Compiled by Jonathan Uhlmanupdated December 2008 An explanatory note… continue reading »

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Faculty & Staff Facility. Located on the 8th floor of Penn Avenue Place formerly the Lazarus / Horne’s building, the Academy contains four spacious and well.… continue reading »

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Under British Law, certain firearms – rifles, shotguns and hand guns included, are not considered to be ‘weapons’ in the legal sense. They require no licence.… continue reading »

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New sordid details have emerged in the case of 29-year-old Jennifer Smith a teacher at Steel Valley High School, in Munhall, Pennsylvania, who is accused of 'sexting.… continue reading »

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Personnel moves and assignments within the Archeparchy and Metropolitan Church as appointed by the Metropolitan Archbishop. The following appointments were made by.… continue reading »

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If the date "1752" found etched in a cornerstone is correct, then this is the oldest building in the English colonies west of the Alleghenies. That date.… continue reading »

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