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Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-17 45) Identify which of the following statements is . B) Letter rulings are binding only with respect to the taxpayer requesting the ruling. D) The IRS may retroactively revoke an acquiescence. Answer 97) The Tax Court decides an expenditure is deductible in the year the issue was first litigated. Answer: 107) Compare and contrast proposed, temporary, and final regulations.

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You explain to the client that there is no legal authority allowing this deduction.The Supreme Court decides whether or not they will hear the case. D) research is primarily concerned with applying the law to the facts as they exist. Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-8 23) The tax statutes with the popular name “The Internal Revenue Code of 1986” are contained in which Title of the Code? Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-11 32) Which regulation deals with Code Section 165? C) A sole proprietor is considered to be an employee of the business. Answer: Page Ref.: C:2-3 15) Which of the following is an advantage of a sole proprietorship over other business forms?Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-14 9) A citator enables tax researchers to locate authorities (e.g., cases and IRS pronouncements) that have cited a particular case. Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-2 12) Investigation of a tax problem that involves a closed-fact situation means that A) the client’s transactions have already occurred and the tax questions must now be resolved. Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-2 13) Identify which of the following statements is true. Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-7 21) Identify which of the following statements is true. A) 20 B) 25 C) 26 D) 301 Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-8 24) Which of the following statements regarding proposed regulations is correct? B) Practitioners and other interested parties may comment on proposed regulations. A) tax-exempt treatment of fringe benefits B) the deduction for compensation paid to the owner C) low tax rates on dividends D) ease of formation Answer: Page Ref.: C:2-3 16) Which of the following statements about a partnership is true? B) Partners are taxed on distributions from a partnership. D) usually deal with factual variations of issues litigated previously. Answer: 112) Discuss the differences and similarities between regular and memorandum decisions issued by the U. The government appealed to the Fifth Circuit, which reversed the decision and held it was not deductible. Would your answer be different if the case was appealable to the Fifth Circuit?

Answer: Page Ref.: C:1-14 43) Tax Court memorandum decisions A) cannot be appealed. C) have less precedential value than regular decisions. B) He can appeal the case, but only if the amount of tax involved is greater than ,000. Also indicate on which pages and in which publications the authority is reported. Answer: 111) Describe the appeals process in tax litigation. Answer: 113) Assume that the Tax Court decided an expenditure in question was deductible. How will the Tax Court rule if this new case is appealable to the Tenth Circuit?

Answer: 116) Discuss the conflict between advocacy for a client and responsibility to the IRS.