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--Matthew UND July 1, 2005 (UTC) I can find no reference to this individual. It seems like a very poor inclusion to a section about notable people from Minot. --Matthew UND , August 1, 2005 (UTC) I am surprised that nobody updated this page to include the train derailment and ammonia spill that afflicted the city back in '02.

I updated the history and added some links to various press sources that document that incident and the fallout --Opinionhead , 17 June 2006 (UTC) I live near Minot, and I'd really like to see mentions of the current relationship of Minot to the afforementioned cities and towns, could that posssibly be done?

You seem to have lots of information about Minot, but you tend to slant the information to fit your own personal views and agendas, which really doesn't seem proper for a Wikipedia article. However, to say that the term is not currently used in neither the local media nor by local residents is more than a little ignorant and a bit presumptuous as well.

Part of it is that Minot is trying to emphasize the shadiness now -- and I find it hard to believe that all the tunnels were once used legitimately. I never realized that it would become a point of contention, so I will let it rest as it is, but as a lifelong resident of Minot (not just a current resident), I just felt the need to clarify MY reasoning for changing the heading.

Another method is to do the treatment radially; ordering roughly by distance from Minot, which seems to be a bit more of your angle; but this opens up to dispute what type of measurement you are doing; is it edge-to-edge? The point isn't how close the cities are, it's presenting the nearby cities in a manageable way; and the way it stands now, Burlington is overemphasized in the presentation.

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Also, it would be nice if we could link to it from somewhere in this article.Once these issues have been addressed, the article can be renominated.Editors may also seek a reassessment of the decision if they believe there was a mistake.One of my ongoing projects is reviewing the article; recently I revamped the section on pedestrianism. I really do not want to make this a point of contention, but it is a fact that the term Minoter is still used in the media, a quick search of the term "Minoter" found several instances where a resident of Minot is referred to as such: However, the situation at present is a bit different.

"Minoter" may have been used in the past, but this term is not currently used in the local media or colloquially among citizens. There is no generally accepted term for the people of Minot, and attempting to select one for the purposes of an encyclopedia article is improper.

In fact, I've heard "Minotian" out of people's mouths far more than "Minoter." Both terms sound rather odd to any resident. When discussing a city council meeting, for example, there is a strong tendency to say "Minot residents came forth to express their concerns..." or "A loose band of Minot citizens came forth to propose..." etc. --Alexwcovington (talk) , (UTC) Minoter is generally recognized, used, and will be understood by anyone from the area.

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