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24-Sep-2017 06:27

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A certain amount of these events are mandatory, else you cannot retain your membership. If you come from a wealthy family, this isn't a problem.For the rest of us, working more hours at a part-time job is the only way to make enough extra money to pay the mentality which keeps hazing very much alive on college campuses around america.As for the sex thing, there are numerous stories of girls who had to perform sexual services on fraternity brothers and their friends, in order to be accepted.I also didn't like the idea that you could be rejected for any reason.I knew a girl who was rejected by a sorority she wanted to be in and was crushed.The higher the schools ranking in academic performance, guess what, the higher the greek systems GPA is. Yep, and every school is unique like a beautiful snowflake.There are greek chapters that focus primarily on academics, or charity, or what-have-you. I don't know very many people who were greek that spent all their free time performing community service, helping the elderly, volunteering all their free time, and giving all their money to causes. And what is it with the sex comments and the greek systemt that you seem to be tied to?

I don't think I would have gotten through my first year of school with all the classwork,tests,working,etc if I had to take time to pledge!

Like abuse victims, it's a self-perpetuating cycle.

Students that had to go through hell to get into their group, wish that same trial upon others.

The traditionally white fraternities (some of which HAVE pledged members from other races; yes, even at Alabama) usually pledge members at the beginning of, or even the summer before, freshman year.

The precentage of male students at UA who are Greek is about 20 percent.I guess you still have images of 18 year old frat boys with their pants rolled down to their ankles being paddled by a fraternity brother.Or a sorority pledge that needs to be gangbanged by a fraternity in order to get in. Hazing STILL HAPPENS, and it has been happening since the dawn of greek life. Anyone of you reading this can Google: sorority fraternity hazing. Now, there have been strides made in putting a stop to it.TERM (broken link) That means 80 per cent of the male student body is NOT Greek.