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05-Oct-2017 12:48

What I'm trying to do is pull info from a table based on a user's login and then populate a couple of textboxs on my page with info from the table (i.e. In my Page_Load in code behind, I can populate a textbox (Text Box1) on my page with the person's username using server variables. Object Datasource and Custom Object Hey, I have an object datasource that populates a detailsview. the other way I suppose is to itterate through all the controls within in it? I sense that it is turning the paging "On" that causes some different order of events which creates my problem.Now, I have a query in my datasource that says SELECT * from tbl_Info WHERE username = ? I know how to update the changes using a BLL method like so: public static Update User(string Username, string Surname); However I would like to use the objects update() method ive created that essentially calls: public static Update User(User user); The question is, how do I access the fields that are contained within the details view? My Form View uses a typed dataset, and the "instance" for the typed dataset is created at the top of the page. Client-side data Source object data Available event I am having trouble with the data Available event on the client-side data Source object.We'll then want to select the table within our data model that we want to be the primary entity for the to bind against.It will also automatically provide column declarations in the Grid based on the schema of the Product entity we choose to bind against: We can then pull up the "smart task" context UI of the Grid View and indicate that we want to enable paging, sorting, editing and deleting on it: We can then press F5 to run our application, and have a product listing page with full paging and sorting support (note the paging indexes at the bottom of the grid below): We can also select the "edit" or "delete" button on each row to update the data: If we flip into source view on the page, we'll see that the markup of the page contains the content below.Hi All, When updating records I need to record the name of the user that has made the update.As this isn't a field on my formview, I have called an On Updating event to add the additional parameter I require: Nested Formview Datasource Inserted Event? When someone clicks the button ( which adds a record to the database ), I want the page to refresh.

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As in my case I need to query only from current database session as my transaction is not over yet. How can I get the current Object loaded by the Object Data Source in the Item Updating event? All I got is a IOrdered Dictionary with the new values in the e. Is it in general possible to get the current object from the Object Data Source? Microsoft Releases Stand-Alone Installers for Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008Microsoft releases stand-alone installers for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2008, and posts a workaround for those who use ...