Pb and marceline dating speed dating events in scotland

31-Mar-2017 13:55

It is also unknown if Finn has lost his feelings for PB as well. On one occasion, PB does kiss Finn as seen in "The Real You." GUYS STOP WITH THE OPINIONS THE PAGE IS FOR FACTS NOT OPINIONS!got a load of the sneak preview of this week’s episode “What Was Missing,” it kind of drove the Marceline/Princess Bubblegum ‘shippers wild. On the journey to the Ice Kingdom, Marceline and PB were giggling all the way. PB had always talked to Finn about relationships and how they wouldn't work for her because she's has the Candy Kingdom to run. Reminded me of how I was with Lady Rainicorn when we first dated. "Well, we should get going, we got a totally cool day tomorrow" Finn said, exhausted. We were about to leave, but then Marcy started to talk..It was funny, it was almost like they were dating..... I just don't know now Finn would react to the news of it's true.. "I don't know if we should go yet" I said, skeptically, hoping either PB or Marcy would say something.

And I know that you've got your hands full with you new kingdom, okay?

Singing a song about how you really despise somebody is cool, but when there’s a verse where you admit that you despise them because you really want them to like you and you can’t explain why you want that so bad… …What do you think about Marcelline and Bubblegum getting together?

At a recent public event, the actress, Olivia Olson, who voices Marceline on the show Adventure Time, revealed it is official canon that Princess. View.… continue reading »

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Follow TV Tropes. Browse TV Tropes;. and Marceline's response would be a bit of an overreaction if she weren't dating. Marceline/PB is supported by character.… continue reading »

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Princess Bubblegum and Marceline The. the guy PB is 'supposedly' dating is a. I'm sure there will be some explanation about Marceline and PB's.… continue reading »

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