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* What are the sites visited where you experienced slow browsing?

* What was the experience while connecting to international and local website?

Please take note of the number which will appear on the left side of the map * Please provide the signal strength experienced. * Do you experience good connection before complaining of slow browsing?

* Check if encountering the same problem when you are using other ISP to the same laptop or desktop.

* What are the results conducting speedtest from Makati server using from * What are the application use by customer when experience slow connection? torrents, p2p, web browsing, downloading) * What are the results of the ping test and traceroute of the website you are trying to browse in the command prompt (e.g. * What is the desktop / laptop specs including processor, memory (ram), and video card?

* Please provide the following by accessing your modem settings via GUI: RSSI : CINR : BSID : For Motorola Modem, please follow these procedure: -While the modem is properly plugged in to your computer, kindly open a web browser.

-Next page will be Wi Max Motorola Page password page, on the password page, please type in “motorola”, then enter.-Once successfully logged in, look for RSSi and CINR and BSID Also upon checking, we found out that your area is covered but in your current address you are connecting to a farther service station.This is possibly the factor affecting your slow connection.If you may Ms Jazee Mae, we can offer you a modem replacement for mobility purposes.