Photos of internet dating scammers

24-Apr-2017 13:58

For a shorter, general overview, see An introduction to love or dating scams If you have started communicating with someone online, and he or she matches many of the characteristics described in this thread, you are most likely dealing with a scammer.

Please be aware that not all scammers are alike--if you are in an online relationship with someone who doesn't have many of these characteristics, it is still important to use caution, and be alert for signs that something "isn't right."Remember: What other things should you look out for?

It would be a romance scam no matter what kind of reasons she/he may has to ask for money from you.

Think twice before you send dollar to him/her and ask yourself “Why should I send the money?

Romance scam statistics of 2011 as follows: Romance scammers are on dating websites, always create one or a few fake profile with beautiful picture(s) not of themselves, and use narratives to ask for money from the victims.

Our top 10 ways will help you to recognise the romance scammers on the STD/herpes dating sites easily.

Scammers playing males:-When playing a male, scammers may use model photos, but they may also use more "average" photos.-If using models, is a favorite, but they could use any modeling site on the internet.-If using more "average" photos, they will often copy photos from a social networking site such as facebook or myspace.-Scammers playing male characters will occasionally reuse photos of previous male victims.

Identifying model photos: When looking at the person's photos, consider the following questions:-Do the photos look professional? -Are there several pictures in a similar setting that look like they may be part of a professional photo shoot? -Realistically, would you expect this person to be searching online for a partner?

Some scammers can be easily recognised by the profile photo at the first sight, since they always use pictures of models, porn stars, soldiers and more.

Search it on White, and you will know whether the phone location match the profile location or not. Try Google search, you will know whether it is sent by scammer or not.