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06-Jun-2017 00:30

If people have any question about PUA Club, people can contact Martin Merrill here.

Although PUA Club gets a lot of advantages, but it only a supportive tool and it only can coach men about lessons, tips, and tricks, as well as methods.

Some of the better known dating coaches besides Gambler at PUA Training have been Adam Lyons (AFC Adam), Beckster and Kezia Noble. Beckster and Kezia Noble have left over the years to start up and work on their own dating projects.

Beckster left in 2009 and Kezia Noble left in 2010.

Manic Workshops Melbourne Dating Coaching & Lifestyle Improvement Chris Manak’s Manic Workshops is Melbourne’s leading professional dating coaching company for men.

Here you will be taught not only how to approach and meet women (and how to get more dates), but also how to become a happier, more confident and more attractive version of yourself.

She became a in demand instructor, who’s valuable, honest and direct feedback and insight int the female mind was the very piece that was missing in relation to the progress men were making.

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PUA Training has recently launched activities in non-English language speaking countries including Germany, Italy and South Korea.