Retailers liquidating

14-Apr-2017 22:00

But it has struggled with the debt load associated with that leveraged buyout a decade ago. "Someone who wants to shop in a brick-and-mortar store and try on the baseball glove, or get the feel of a golf club, wants a better shopping experience," said Larry Perkins, of Sierra Constellation Partners, an expert in retail reorganizations.

"That's not Sports Authority any more." and websites run by major sports leagues like the NFL and NBA that sell team merchandise.

Not only that, we’ll tell you the financial workings of full price vs.

discount retailers, and the kind of impact endorsement money has on a price of a shoe.

The same Replay card also worked at Sam Goody and Suncoast Motion Picture Company stores. They launched a major remerchandising campaign and converted Musicland's On Cue concept of rural stores to the Sam Goody brand, reducing its position in books and moving more into video games and DVD.

The store faced strong competition, particularly from websites like, which was founded in 1994 and provided a wider selection than the store-based Media Play.

Some former Media Play stores became home to f.y.e.

When it filed for bankruptcy in March, the company said it would close only 140 of its 450 stores.

Sun Capital attempted to get the company back to basics, but in December 2005 they announced the closure and liquidation of all remaining Media Play stores.

At their height, they operated 72 stores in 19 states with 2,000 employees.

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