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02-Jul-2017 04:10

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It is our aim in this paper to provide clinicians with a basic understanding of Hindu birth customs in the hope that such appreciation will go some way to facilitating provision of culturally competent and sensitive care.

defined cultural competence as an evolving process that depends on self-reflection, self-awareness, and acceptance of differences.

She found someone through my parents, so you could label it an ‘arranged marriage’, which has many negative connotations around it.

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Unless we are ready to take the next step of marriage, we usually have to be discreet about our relationships, due to the pressures that will come from our elders.Only now that I am happily married do I understand why my parents were so keen on me marrying a Sikh.Everything just clicked into place, he got me like no one else could”.Another option is dating sites, where a couple (like Shaadi) even go as far as segregating the search into different castes as opposed to other dating sites giving the option of race.