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A selection of Strachan's diverse explorations of nature and technology will be provocatively installed within and alongside reflecting pools, highlighting his signature fascination with perception, distortion, and invisibility.

Seattle-based artist Ko Kirk Yamahira deconstructs his paintings by painstakingly removing individual threads from the weave of the canvas, turning surface into form.

Converters use rotating unions for heating and cooling rolls, as well as winders with air clutches and brakes.

The manufacturing of plastic materials encompasses a wide variety of applications including cast film, blown film, foam, flexible and rigid sheet extrusion, single and multi-layer co-extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, pelletizing, wire and cable, injection molding and winding.

Signal Calc Dynamic Signal Analyzers provide transfer function techniques for impact hammer testing of structures, and also export data, both real-time and post-acquisition, for 3-dimensional viewing of structure Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) displays.

Engine Order Analysis: Automotive test engineers use order tracking methods to evaluate both rotating components and vehicle drivelines.

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Mills use steam joint and siphon systems and water unions for heating and cooling.

Many of todays modern winding applications will also utilize Deublin electrical slip rings.

Cast Film Plastic produced as a continual web, film, or coating will be heated or cooled with rotating unions.

LEARN MORE Auto manufacturing is a diverse user of rotating unions for a broad range of parts or components and materials, whether machined steel, iron or aluminum, stampings, plastics, glass or paperboard.

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Rotating unions are used for operations that require coolant, lubricant or hydraulics.

This exhibition samples the artist's recent output—including several pieces made for the occasion—to offer a meditation on identity, duality, and the relativity of perception.

Create double knit and single knit 'in the round'. Brand new concept in loom knitting. knit on a rotating, elevated base, and keep all your work in one spot.… continue reading »

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Rotating Machinery Diagnostics Data Physics products deliver a multitude of high performance rotating machinery diagnostics applications.… continue reading »

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Fundamentals of rotating machinery diagnostics, 2002, 726 pages, Donald E. Bently, Charles T. Hatch, 0971408106, 9780971408104, Bently Pressurized Bearing Press,… continue reading »

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Perfect for entertaining and personal enjoyment. No longer will you need to decide which rooms will have a great view and which rooms will have a minimal or no view.… continue reading »

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Save money on performance rotating assemblies for your chev sb, and also, crank, rods and pistons.… continue reading »

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Deublin is a global manufacturer and distributor of rotating unions, siphons, steam joints and slip rings.… continue reading »

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