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Visit our mobile site or install our browser extensions, to always stay aware of what’s happening on your profile.Twoo is the best way to meet people, whether for a chat, flirt or an appointment.No need to exaggerated sophistication to make new friendly meetings! According to the results revealed by the analysts Com Score study, the Belgian Twoo platform moved up to 6th place websites dedicated to meetings on the planet.An impressive success for the site, which began operations in March 2011 only.Twoo has seen its enrollment multiplied by 1,000 in the space of five months.Thus, the service attracts nearly 3 million monthly customers, but also 800,000 members every day.

Know that you can use this app for free, and that it was highly rated by users who have used it, probably because the concept is quite original, but simple at the same time.

PROFILES OF EASY TO CREATE AND ACCURATE • Create your profile in 3 super simple steps.

• If you wish, use our detailed profile system to draw a portrait of you as accurate as possible.

MEMBERS ALWAYS MORE COMPATIBLE • Question / Answer: answer challenging questions and find out if your answers are compatible with those of other members. ”: We have more than 15 unique search criteria that allow you to find every time the profiles that suit you best. On Twoo, nothing is easier than loving profiles and find out in parallel to that you like me.

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• Share photos and play some nice games initiation.

With the app, you can find in a trice a person situated in its sector, through what is called geolocation, possible thanks to the fact that you contact your mobile.