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16-Nov-2017 17:02

If you find yourself looking over your teen’s shoulder while he or she is on the phone and you see this acronym, they know you’re watching. We reckon they got the inspiration for this one from the song titled, you guessed it, 1234 by The Plain White Ts.

To anyone who has ever worked in sales of any type, ‘POS’ would stand for ‘point of sale’. We thought as much (looks like we’re all a little out of touch). As in ‘1 thing to say 2 you 3 words 4 you’ – I love you.

CHATCRYPT's unique tri-layer encryption starts with a traditional secured Web Socket (wss) connection to the application server, then it builds up a custom Transport Layer Security within it, using ECDH (with NIST P-521 curve) for key exchange and AES-256 (in CTR mode) for ciphering.

On this second layer the messages sent from the server are signed with ECDSA (using ED25519 curve) and verified with a public key at the client.

A Code9 leads to an immediate change of discussion if they are keeping something from you.

Chances are your teen isn’t referring to battery sizes with this one.

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What we are accustomed to using to mean ‘more than’ holds a more offensive meaning here – screw. If you see your teen using this symbol, chances are he or she isn’t as innocent as you’d like to believe.Cleverly adopting police-esque lingo, CD9 stands for Code9, virtually possessing the same meaning as ‘POS’.Code9 basically means that a parent is in the vicinity or is watching.It could be something as simple as ‘what are the plans for tomorrow’s movie?