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05-Dec-2017 00:54

Chen Xiaoping, leader of the team developing Jia Jia, said the robot was asked some “challenging” questions and failed to answer some, but was mostly able to give “good answers”.

He said: “There were some delays due to the Skype network but apart from that, I think the conversation was successful.” But users watching the conversation in a live stream from Xinhua expressed disappointment about Jia Jia inability to engage in basic conversation.

(More details are available in the preprint copy of the paper that will appear in an upcoming 2015 issue of the journal .) Five of the nine individual traits appeared to predict uncanny valley sensitivity by having strong correlations with eeriness ratings and inverse relationships with warmth ratings.

But the effects of religious fundamentalism and animal reminder sensitivity in particular raise some intriguing questions for the future.

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The machine’s appearance was modelled after the features of five women from the university, with the aim of ensuring the robot turned out “attractive” according to a report from The Beijing News last year.By comparison, animal reminder sensitivity directly increased eerie ratings and had less of a correlation with warmth ratings. Mac Dorman and Entezari point to the explanation of religious fundamentalism being a sociocultural influence, whereas animal reminder sensitivity represents an instinctive sense of fear and disgust — a biological adaptation for threat avoidance.In the end, the exploratory study raises more questions about the uncanny valley and leaves plenty unanswered.But the early findings do suggest that researchers could benefit from exploring the differences between various religions when it comes to the uncanny valley and robots.

Oct 2, 2017. Dr Sergi Santos, 39, shares his home with wife Maritsa Kissamitaki and 'Samantha', a lifelike cyborg with which he has regular sex.… continue reading »

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Dec 1, 2014. In Christianity, religious fundamentalism may lead believers to see human-like android robots as being creepy beings within the uncanny valley. They could hold an intelligent conversation with you or have a silly argument with you. Whatever, they're there to AID us in our Daily Grind. C-3PO would be my.… continue reading »

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