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09-Jan-2018 12:03

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“I had an 8mm movie camera and used to fly around LA taking movies from the air.” About seven years ago, the artist (who received his BA in architecture from UC Berkeley in 1968) decided to “turn the lens downward from up above” and began photographing sites in Los Angeles and New York from the air.Many of the pictures he shot are in his recently published book “LANY: Aerial Photographs of Los Angles and New York.” Some are also in “Leaning Out” along with new work that has never been exhibited before.I received an email a few weeks after inviting me to an on campus interview.That was a one on one interview where we talked about my experience, resumes, and typical behavioral questions.When Milstein decided to photograph New York City from above, he and a pilot friend started flying to the city and around the airports.“My friend would fly my Cessna 182 so I could do the shooting if we got permission,” the artist recalled, “or we’d go above the restricted area if we didn’t.

There was a presentation of the program, a panel where we could ask questions, lunch, and two one on one interviews.

The 14 large format images in this exhibition of cityscapes, airports, power plants, train yards, and other industrial and transportation sites reflect the artist’s life-long love affair with flying, and with the way things look from the air.