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That usually means she enjoys your attention but isn’t interested enough to actually meet up. But if she changes her mind on 2 or 3 occasions, she’s not serious about hanging out with you. They don’t all of a sudden realize 30 minutes before your date that they can’t make it. Men who obsess over a girl they’ve never/barely talked to. You go into damage control mode and try to convince her to choose you. And if she’s with someone else, she’s choosing him.If you’ve tried 2 or 3 times to get a girl out with no success, leave future interactions up to her. This is especially true if she cancels last minute (within the hour) or doesn’t show up at all. And if she blows you off without giving warning, she clearly doesn’t respect your time. Once you’ve made it clear that you still want her, it’s up to her to make a decision. She’s a real person with her own values, insecurities, and baggage.She’ll hang out with you, flirt with you, and even hook up with you.She talks about how unhappy she is in her relationship and how she’s planning to end it. The women who cheat on their partners and talk about how miserable they are usually are the ones who won’t pull the trigger.I’ve seen guys have terrible remote communication but because they sparked a connection in-person, the girl will still engage them over text.It’s nearly impossible to build attraction or make a women suddenly feel something for you over phone or chat. It’ll be that much easier to have a girl reply with excitement and to get her out again.There are times when you get a girl’s number and reach out, only to have no response.

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This is to get over her and realize how many other incredible opportunities are out there. A girl is unsatisfied with her current relationship so she begins talking to you.

You try everything in your power to change a woman’s mind.