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21-Oct-2017 23:56

The central tension of her work, and what has made it such a success, is that her ideas, launched at women who desire to gain or maintain position in the middle-middle class, emanate from the sort of person who gives that group the deepest and most reflexive shudder of all: pee-on-the-side-of-the-road white trash.Brown’s audacious—and winning—decision was not to hide her past, nor to embrace it, but to feature it as something she had transcended through hard work and almost pathological optimism.Brown has always embodied the idea that it’s not too late for any woman to find the comfort and protection of marriage.

But it is only through a willful misunderstanding of Brown’s life story, and of the premise of the book that made her famous, that anyone could promote the notion that Brown’s work has been dedicated to any cause other than how to win a husband.Here are the first words of Sex and the Single Girl: I married for the first time at thirty-seven. It could be construed as something of a miracle considering how old I was and how eligible he was …He was sought after by many a Hollywood starlet as well as some less flamboyant but more deadly types. We have two Mercedes-Benzes, one hundred acres of virgin forest near San Francisco, a Mediterranean house overlooking the Pacific, a full-time maid and a good life.The "July Salary" column indicates the employee's base salary; annual salary may include bonuses.