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In Virginia, not only is reunification the primary goal for children in foster care, it is also the most common outcome.

Research finds that children do best when raised in their own families, whenever possible.

The important thing is their willingness and ability to parent.

This is determined for each family during the licensing process. However, the number of children in the provider's home shall not exceed eight (8) children.

They are asked to take someone else's child into their home, care for the child and treat the child as a member of their family.

The Foster Care Program provides the necessary support and training to enable foster parents to provide daily care and supervision for the child in care.

Foster care is intended to be a temporary rather than a long-term solution for children who have been removed from their birth family homes for reasons of neglect, abuse, abandonment, or other issues endangering their health and/or safety.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to be approved as a foster parent.When a child comes to the attention of the child welfare system, the initial focus is on supporting and stabilizing a family to prevent an initial placement.If children must be removed from their families to ensure their safety, permanency planning efforts focus on returning them home as soon as is safely possible.Approximately one-third of children exiting foster care each year return to their parents' custody.

Other outcomes include adoption, the transfer of custody to a relative, and emancipation (or aging out of foster care with no identified family).When children are placed in foster care, it is imperative to find safe, permanent homes for them as quickly as possible.Permanency can have different meanings depending on the child, family, and case circumstances.The foster family works as a team with the local department of social services, the biological family, the child (when applicable) and any additional community partners.

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