Sharkscope not updating

15-Nov-2017 23:14

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Now we’re so sure that our tool works we’re willing to back it up with “Shark Scope Subscribers Insurance”!

Here’s how it works: You buy a monthly subscription to Shark Scope and have a losing month* and we’ll give you the next month for free!

You buy a 3 month subscription to Shark Scope and have a losing 3 months* and we’ll give you the next 3 months for free!

You buy a 12 month subscription to Shark Scope and have a losing year* and we’ll give you a year free!

Surround the parent Update() call like so: One thing most people forget is that you can't just declare an isolated scope with the object notation and expect parent scope properties to be bound.

I read the solution and in point five it is said: Which means that when my parent value is changed to 2, a watch is triggered. html : This feels like such a hack I hope the angular gurus can see this post and provide a better answer, but as it is the accepted answer does not even work and just gives the error $digest already in progress Using $apply() like the accepted answer can cause all sorts of bugs and potential performance hits as well.

It checks whether parent value and directive value are the same - and if not it copies to directive value. Settings up broadcasts and whatnot is a lot of work for this.

Hence there doesn’t seem any point applying logic to the situation, and Shark Scope will not be changing in any way due to these new rules.

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I have a directive with isolated scope with a value with two way binding to the parent scope.

We have offered to implement any kind of “opt-in” procedure they would like, in addition to our existing “opt-out” and “reset” systems, so at the very least people would still be able to view and publish their own statistics.

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