Shida mirai dating

08-Jan-2017 22:54

His sisters enjoy dressing him up as a girl since he looked like one.

Without the guidance of his father who is working abroad as a teacher, he misunderstood, thinking he’s a gay and swung the other way ar Shida Mirai is a senior high school girl who is considered a mood maker of her clique because of her cheerful character.

She is well-liked by her friends, Umika, Chinen, Suzuka, and especially Yuto who has a secret crush on her for years.

She is born in a family of four, and her elder brother Daiki is the apple of the eye because of his perfection in every aspect of his life. Nothing interesting happens to her, and she wasn't abducted by aliens yet.

It gradually occurs to her that Ito whom the four women have been talking about may be the same person. Characters Kimura Fumino as Yazaki Rio A scriptwriter who is no longer popular.

She is troubled by her inability to produce another hit.

She met Ito at a matchmaking party and believed that she was dating him for five years.

Although she continues to be devoted to him, he does not take her seriously.

She is not able to handle her stalker-like affection for Ito and cannot take the first step in love or her dreams because she keeps making excuses for everything.Some years after the case of King Pluto, everyone went back to their normal lives: Kyu Renjo was now attending Shibusawa Academy along with Megumi Minami and Ryuu Amakusa.Yes, this was the same Academy were the group had to solve the case of "The Collector".First of Rankou Gakuen consist of 6 students but what will happen when another person join them and slowly reveal many things?

How the girls will survive when knows something related to them and when fate always jealous with them Another try to make Once upon a time, there was a handsome Prince.

But she has not written any hit titles since then and clings to her past glory to maintain her dignity.

Shida Mirai. Back to top #14. as BREAKING Actor Kamiki Ryunosuke and tarento Sato Takeru. be happy if they were actually dating I still remember how cute.… continue reading »

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The girls just like sun, shine brightly and always dedicated to their duties but not everyone realize that the princess that they know is not the real princess and.… continue reading »

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