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26-Apr-2017 19:22

I just think they’re sort of obliviously whitewashing the larger conversations about race, ruling classes, diversity and multiculturalism in a modern society.

The think tank Policy Exchange, which compiled the study, said the figures showed that if George Osborne wants to slash the welfare bill, he needs to target support at helping young, single parents find work.‘It is right that the government extended free childcare.

That’s something I’ve realized more and more as I get older – here in America, we always think we have the franchise on racist sh-t, but there are some deep strains of racism and colonialism in many European countries.

The fact that Penny Junor can give some kind of speech about the multiculturalism of Britain just days after Princess Michael of Kent wore a f–king blackamoor brooch to Buckingham Palace just shows the cognitive dissonance that still exists in Britain’s ruling classes.

(Like Simpson, Markle is also American and divorced.) “We are a very much multi-cultural, multi-colored, multi-faith society these days,” says Penny Junor, Harry’s biographer.

“Lots of people in Britain were born in other countries and having a royal family reflect that is very helpful.

Music-use became one of the main chosen instruments of their response."- (6)Following World War II, there was a baby boom, which brought about some of the first strong youth subcultures in history.

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I suspect it’s the sudden reality that the royals and the “ruling class” of Britain is overwhelmingly, blindingly white.

The results were revealed less than a week after an inquest into the death of troubled 15-year-old Simone Grice, from Illogan, near Redruth, heard she had been meeting older men for sex after contacting them online.

"The unique position of post-war teenagers, physically almost adult yet excluded from adult roles and responsibilities, with considerable disposable cash, and familiar from early childhood with the products of modern mass media healthy, well-fed, and energetic, yet involved in less hard physical work than many of their ancestors-- this privileged, new position seemed merely to throw into sharp relief for them the limitation of their existence and to give them the opportunity to respond in new ways to these conditions.

Among these cultural phenomenons were the Teddy Boys.

This group of delinquent young men dressed in ‘Edwardian’ clothing who introduced anarchy into British society and used early American rock and roll as their battle call (6).I don’t know, but I think we’ve long moved on from 50-60 years ago and an American divorcee and Wallace Simpson and all that sort of stuff. [From The Hollywood Reporter] Yes, British society is so forward-looking that they voted to Brexit and leaned hard into anti-immigration policies, in what would be a precursor to the triumph of Donald Trump’s nativism and jingoism.I’m not saying that Penny Junor or Nicholas Witchell are wrong, per se.You know how I’ve been wondering for months why it seemed like Meghan Markle is being fast-tracked into royal life? Granted, it’s not just one thing – clearly, The Fast-Tracking of Meghan Markle is a multi-level thing, involving her age (gotta start having babies soon), her career (she’s a natural on-camera and a quick study on royal life), and the Queen’s substantial affection for her ginger grandson.