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The only detail I’ve been given is that I’m meant to pretend we’ve been dating for eight months. Facing me stands a blonde in her early forties, neither attractive nor unattractive, wrapped in a sexy, sheer blue-and-black outfit.The effect is of a middle-aged math teacher squeezed into her old high-school-prom dress. ” She nods, and we move close and share an awkward hug.Surprisingly, a good number of her clients offer payment with their Of course, some customers have more complex motives.According to Shikhman, a woman in Florida recently hired a much younger Gent to stand at the kitchen sink in his boxers, washing dishes, as though he were her new live-in boyfriend.She smiles, her eyes catching a bit of light from the chandeliers overhead. Though we’ve known each other for only forty-five minutes, the moment feels unexpectedly intimate. “Cathy,” I say, “I will never leave you.”THE FOUNDER OF Rent A Gent is a bright, alluring 33-year-old New Yorker named Sara Shikhman, who was trawling the Internet a few years ago, looking for a date to a wedding herself.

The preacher welcomes everyone—he’s one of those aggressively friendly Christian cats who quickly whips out a knock-knock joke about Jesus. “I want everybody to turn to that special someone they came with and practice this, too,” he says. “I love you,” I tell her, looking deep into her eyes.When her ex-husband came to pick up their kids, an argument erupted, and the Gent raced out the back door and hid in the woman’s boat. Shikhman offers me a meeting with her recruiting manager, Maricar Tinio, and though I’m bald, funny-looking, and closing in on 40, somehow I pass the test.Rent A Gent now has 300 men available, concentrated mainly in New York, with a budding presence in Chicago, Miami, Houston, Vegas, D. More than anything, it seems, Rent A Gent is simply looking for friendly, curious guys—someone more interested in asking questions than talking about himself.Although Shikhman’s customers are as young as 22 and as old as 87, the bulk of her clients are business professionals in their thirties and forties undiscouraged by the 0-an-hour price tag.