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As a group, you can have a taste-test contest to decide who has the absolute best cookie recipe.You can also purchase premade dough or bake a bunch of plain sugar cookies ahead of time, and then have a decorating contest. Create a list of common items you'd find in a woman's purse.

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Ask everyone to bring some clothes and accessories befitting of a beauty queen, from glittery tiaras to costume jewelry, feather boas, or even glam party dresses and shoes.

Fold the sticky notes in half, place the names in a bowl and have everyone draw one, being careful that the notes don't all get stuck together.

For the first way to play, make sure that you and your friends do not look at the name you've drawn.

Include some girls night party games at your next ladies only outing and create some fun and hilarious memories that your girlfriends will cherish for years to come.

Games that are simple and can be played anywhere you go are ideal.Divide your guests into groups and provide plenty of decorating supplies. These might include items like: The person hosting the game will call out one item at a time.Time the teams and see who can decorate the best batch of cookies in five minutes. The first woman to produce that item from her purse is awarded one point.Next, ask a list of questions, and the first person to answer each gets a point.

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