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22-May-2017 03:47

By unchecking the box which is above the slider, it won't show anything. The lower the slider is, the faster the webcam performance will be, but the quality will be lowered by a bit.The higher the slider is, the sharper the picture will be.You won't see any quality change; only the person you are using the webcam with will.If you are capped to a certain amount of bandwidth with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your frame rate will be slow.The player can play videos from Youtube, Veoh, Youtube Live (Google Hangout), and Myspace video, as well as display Photobucket pictures. You can find the games on the left hand side of your chat box, below the youtube player.Games include Chess, Darts, Doodlerace, Four in a row, Hearts, Matchrace, Pool, Shoot, Snakerace, Spacewar, Switch and Zwhack.

When you start the player you can click the Link button and watch a video alone, or if you're a moderator/owner click Broadcast and the video will be sent to all users on the player, unless they have the no broadcast (key) button.For details on games, see Games Using doodle, you can draw with everyone in the chat who is also using doodle.If you Private Chat people you can draw with them alone. You can also import images from Photobucket into Doodle with the Dood power.To use the webcam, simply private chat the person, make sure the other person is in the private chat with you and press either "Voice call" or "Video Call".

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Once you see the text "Incoming call", simply press the Blue Button (Video Camera Icon) or the Green Button (Telephone Icon).It can be used for all sorts of things, such as allowing people to translate to English in an English-only chat.Click on the green icon to begin a voice call, the blue icon to begin a video call and the red icon to end either one of them.This guide will help you get started with applications.