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The first planes fitted with the type 3 new improved cutter (NIC) had a small black & white label affixed to the box.

Printing off the dating-chart pages on the "hyperkitten" web site makes for an easy-to-carry reference.cgp, As Samson mentioned, Sweetheart era planes are easy to identify.Here are some other indicators: Any "Bailey"-marked plane (on the casting) with no (Stanley) markings and no nickel plating on the lever cap and a keyhole-shaped lever cap screw hole (as opposed to the later kidney-shaped hole) is pre-Sweetheart (pre-1918 IIRC). If it has 3 patent dates (1910, and 2 dates in 1902), it's also pre-Sweetheart.Today, end users continue to demand high quality and accuracy in their planes.

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That’s why we’ve combined our traditional designs with new features - resulting in our best designs to date.

Any patent dates previous to 1902 mark it as (almost certainly) a 19th century plane.

These pages are intended to serve as a quick reference for the model numbers of the various Stanley Planes. dating page for router and Stanley bench. Plane.… continue reading »

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Many of you recommend pre WW II or pre 1930 Bailey/Stanley planes. Print this page; Email.… continue reading »

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I have a Pictorial Stanley Bailey Model Bench Plane Type Study this will help you. This page explains where and how I made my oven.… continue reading »

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Stanley Block Planes Demystified. to provide a list of Stanley’s block plane models organized by functional. Chart and the Block Plane Dating page.… continue reading »

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