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“One of the things I really loved about the screenplay was the obliqueness of it,” says Campbell Moore, adding drily that “the phrase spoon-fed comes into my head” at such complaints.“Actually, it’s great being in things [that divide audiences]: you have people almost angry because it’s not what they bought their telly for, and other people relieved it had that complexity.It is bizarre, I suggest, that while other countries are forever examining their troubled pasts – America and slavery, Germany and Nazism – in Britain we don’t really face up to the legacy of empire, and avoid telling those stories.“Yes, we let ourselves off the hook – there is a sense that what Britain represented in the world is not as just a cause as we’ve been trying to present for decades,” he says, adding that children should be taught that about the British Empire and how it was “a double-edged sword”.

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Claire Foy and Matt Smith walked the 2017 SAG Awards red carpet together on Sunday, Jan. The co-stars look like they get along terrifically, but this is no off-screen romance.Claire Foy and Matt Smith are not dating, but their obvious camaraderie must make red carpet appearances a lot more fun.The "showmance" isn't uncommon, and it's so tempting to secretly wish that two actors with great chemistry on screen are hanging out together romantic-styles.“His loyalty lies with his men, but he has a growing degree of sympathy with the people they’re fighting.

Feb 22, 2018 · This queen is no longer with her king. On Thursday, The Crown star Claire Foy announced she has split from husband Stephen Campbell Moore after the two got.… continue reading »

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The Crown" star Claire Foy and her husband Stephen Campbell-Moore, who married in 2014, have separated and seem to be headed for divorce.… continue reading »

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Dating; Follow us News;. Claire Foy is running late for her interview in the first-floor private dining room of a north London. actor Stephen Campbell Moore.… continue reading »

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