Teacher student dating stories

04-Dec-2017 08:10

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I was glad to read this article because I've felt really bad about this.

I don't know how one cannot "fall in love" with people they see, working with, have depend on you or you depend on, and have to get to know on a personal level.

It’s hard for parents ever to talk about the sexual feelings they may have for their children. I’m talking about feelings at the other end of the sexual continuum – benign feelings of admiration and attraction, from the mother who says she wants to bite her baby’s peachy bum to the father who fondly strokes his daughter’s hair.

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Their daughters, unable to attract the benign admiration of their fathers, are obliged to look for it elsewhere, often with disastrous consequences, and all because their fathers were afraid to acknowledge the beauty (including the sexual beauty) of their daughters because it felt too unsafe, weird, shameful, paedophilic.

Love is made from the heart; and you can not help with who you fall in love with.

I am a student attending college, I am 18 and I am in love with my lecturer. The only thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is the fact that this article says that teachers have inappropriate feelings for their students too.

And vulnerability can have many ways of manifesting itself, sexual attraction is only one. This is a really big thing i feel for senior students, who are almost adults who have this problem.

Co-workers fall in love, and yes its taboo, but I don't think its intentional. My view is, it's normal to fall for people, however, they shouldnt be acted on in school. :( Based on what you narrated, chances are big that your professor also is romantically attracted to you.

Fathers often attack in their daughters what they can’t acknowledge in themselves. ” Important relationships with students are sometimes curtailed because the teacher gets frightened and – crucially – is unable to ask for support from other professionals for fear of sounding perverse and unprofessional. The schoolgirl and her teacher were eventually found and returned to the UK where I hope she wasn’t shamed by her family. If only he’d talked to someone about what he was experiencing!