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24-Feb-2017 12:31

The game will pull twelve players of similar skill together (yes, you can matchmake in a party with pals) and make them fight to the death for the glory of climbing rankings.

Agreeing that this had the Decepticons' stink all over it, Optimus allowed Prowl to investigate Carob Island, the one place on Earth where a rare alloy discovered at the scene of the crime could be found.

Look forward to a ranked 6v6 mode, unranked 12v12 ‘quickplay’, and all sorts of levels, medals, and statistics tracking your performance.

Three new community-made maps are coming too, and sportsball mode Pass Time will launch out of beta.

Since it is free to play anyone on steam can jump in (The game is also on Xbox 360 and ps3 but it is a joke).

I think this is the best game from valve even better than half-life.

i kept wanting to play one more round and many cases it's been 2 hours since i told myself that. this game is hard to master it will take dozens and dozens of hours to master a class.

each class plays and feels totally different from each other, so you will need lots of practice.

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I had never thought free-to-play games were as high a quality as others. I experienced some pretty hilarious moments, I crafted a hat or two, and I even made a few friends.i came back after many years of playing seriously and things has changed hats, new weapons, weapon trades, a co-op mode, crate collecting, which opens a whole 'nother can of beans.Unfortunately I was immediately bombarded with STEAM install requirements, telling me I had to install steam and its updates prior to installing the game itself.