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Any fees received by the department for applications that cannot be processed shall be deposited into a special revenue account within the dog control department fund and held in that fund for a period of not less than thirty days after notice of deficiencies in the application is mailed to the applicant or until the required information or fees are received.

After thirty days have passed since the applicant was notified of any deficiency, such fees shall become miscellaneous revenues. HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY FOR DOGS It is unlawful for any person to permit any dog to engage in any of the following behavior: (1) Level 1 Behavior.

Sections: GENERAL REGULATIONS 6.20.010 Definitions. (4) Upon request of an animal control officer who has probable cause to believe that a person has violated provisions of YMC 6.20.170, a law enforcement agency officer may arrest the alleged offender. Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction or subject to criminal prosecution, where a violation is specifically designated as a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor, and therefore subject to criminal fines and penalties if convicted. Violations of this chapter are deemed public nuisances. The notice shall be made by phone to the Yakima police department nonemergency number and shall include the location of the discharge, the approximate time of the discharge, and the name of the professional butcher who will be discharging the firearm. It is unlawful for any person who, as an owner of ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens or other poultry, permits the same to run at large in the city of Yakima. (6) Dogs that are spayed or neutered and owned by persons over the age of sixty-two years may be registered and licensed for twenty-five dollars.

(3) Upon receiving a limited commission from the chief of police, animal control officers have the following enforcement powers when enforcing Chapter 6.20 of the city of Yakima Municipal Code: (A) The power to issue citations based on probable cause to offenders for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor violations of Chapter 6.20 of the city of Yakima Municipal Code; (B) The power to prepare affidavits in support of search warrants and to execute search warrants when accompanied by law enforcement officers to investigate criminal violations of Chapter 6.20 of the city of Yakima Municipal Code, and to seize evidence of those violations. It is unlawful for any person to violate any provision of this chapter. (1) When an animal husbandry operation is approved as a nonconforming use pursuant to Title 15 of the Yakima Municipal Code, the slaughter of animals may continue when the following conditions are met: (A) The slaughter of the animal is performed by a licensed professional butcher; and (B) If the slaughtering of the animal involves the discharge of a firearm, notice shall be provided to the Yakima police department at least two hours prior to the discharge of the firearm. (5) No license fee shall be charged to city police and fire agencies for canine support animals.

(8) “Department” means the city of Yakima animal control department.(7) The fee for replacement tags shall be five dollars. The applicant shall ensure that the tag is securely fastened to a substantial collar or harness to be worn at all times by the dog. In the event any registration and license applicant fails to provide all required information or fees, the department shall notify such applicant by first-class mail at the mailing address stated on the application or notify applicant by phone of any such deficiency, requesting that any required information or fees be provided to the department within thirty days, and stating that if the required information or fees are not timely received, any fees paid shall be forfeited and the application shall be voided.(8) The board may provide for optional registration of dogs by other suitable parties, in which case an agent fee of three dollars shall be added to the licensing fee. The absence of the license tag on a dog’s collar shall be prima facie evidence that said dog has not been legally licensed. If any applicant fails to timely provide information requested under this section, a new application and fee shall be required after the thirty days have expired and any tag previously supplied shall be voided. (28) “Capable person” means any individual having attributes (as physical or mental powers) required for competent performance and being at least eighteen years of age. (2) Animal control officers enforcing this chapter shall comply with the same constitutional and statutory restrictions concerning the execution of police powers imposed on law enforcement officers who enforce other criminal laws of the state of Washington. (d) “Value” means the value to the dog guide or service animal user and does not refer to cost or fair market value. (4) No license fee shall be charged to an owner who is legally blind and uses such dog as a guide dog, or to a deaf person who uses such dog as a hearing-ear dog, or to an owner who has been determined to be disabled pursuant to 42 U. The license shall be valid for the life of the dog.

6.20.044 Slaughtering, dressing and butchering of animals and fowl. (27) “Bitten” means to seize with teeth or jaws so as to enter, grip, wound or pierce, which causes a breaking of the skin, causing an exchange or transfer of saliva. (1) Law enforcement agencies and animal control officers may enforce the provisions of Chapter 6.20 of the city of Yakima Municipal Code. (c) “Notice” means a verbal or otherwise communicated warning prescribing the behavior of another person and a request that the person stop their behavior. (3) The registration and license fee amount shall be deposited into the dog control fund. Section 1382 (supplemental security income) and uses such dog as a support dog.Any violation of this chapter may result in the animal being impounded, and/or destroyed by order of the court. Any person violating any provision of this chapter may be enjoined from continued violations or ordered to abate such public nuisance, and if the same is not done by such offender within twenty-four hours thereafter, the same shall be abated and removed under the direction of the officer authorized by the order of the court. No person shall slaughter, dress or butcher any fowl or animal so as to unreasonably expose such act or acts to the view of any person on public or private property. (2) This section is meant to be an exception to YMC 6.20.044, which prohibits the slaughtering of animals within public or private property view, and YMC 6.44.020, which prohibits the discharge of a firearm within the city of Yakima. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered and owned by persons over the age of sixty-two years may be registered and licensed for thirty dollars. Applications for registration and license issuance shall be made within a timely manner as listed in the conditions set forth below: (1) Applications for registration renewal shall be made between the first day of January and the last day of March; (2) In the case of a newly acquired dog, the application shall be made within thirty days of either the date of acquisition or the date when the dog reaches six months of age, whichever comes later; (3) In the case of a new resident to the city with a licensed or an unlicensed adult dog, the application shall be made within thirty days of establishing residency; (4) In the case of a dog licensed by another jurisdiction within Yakima County, the license shall be valid until the last day of December of the year they established residency in the county.Such injunction may be in addition to the civil penalties provided as a part of the disposition in the civil prosecution or in an independent action in equity, and the violator shall be liable for all costs and expenses of abating the same. This section does not apply when the conditions of YMC 6.20.045 are met. The license shall be valid for the life of the dog or until transfer of ownership of the animal. Upon application, certification or submission of proof of immunization and payment of fees by the owner or persons having the custody and control of any adult dog, the department or its designated agent shall issue to the applicant a numbered license identification tag for each dog so registered.(D) A dog convicted of Level 3 behavior shall constitute a potentially dangerous dog. Level 4 behavior occurs when a dog at large bites or causes physical injury to any person, domestic animal, or livestock.