Turn off pc while updating

02-Jan-2018 01:26

As had been said a backup for data and an image for restoring a HD make this a non-issue.

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On restart, the incomplete update will be recognized as incomplete and the update restarted at an appropriate time.

At worst, there may be temporary files left behind, but that happens all the time with other running programs as well.

My PC accidentally shut down because electricity problem while updating to windows 1607 anniversary and when i turn it on its show black screen with restoring to previous windows version text. I have a friend who had a very similar problem and had to take the machine to a Windows store because it wouldn't finish updating not reverse to the previous version. In the beginning you haven't opened much and it is easy to just start over.

If you are not safeguarding your files, I can write no one else is either. Restoring to a time it was working, Auto repairing the Windows installation may work, Shutting down in the middle of an update is like stopping in the middle of an operation.

Since it is a massive build it indicated there was no restore point even though I made one before going down this rabbit hole. Attempted another full reload and the same thing happened but it did list a Stop code. The file is responsible for the keyboard class functionalities and this makes it one of the essential most files for running this program of keyboard.

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Worse, it may have some damage that results in weird behavior, intermittent crashes or general slowness.

AS indicated by the experts that have responded, try to return to a full version of your previous build, hopefully Winn 10, BACKUP your data, and you may consider temporarily using Defender, delete your third party malware, then attempt another load of the Anniversary update.

You may get some great advise from others about reloading the third party Security suite.

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Take advantage of their offer Gaddy Thanks for reply guys.After restoring to previous version my windows just fine and load normally. is it because windows restoring before update was downloaded ?In this case, I had to load the Anniversary build three times but it now works perfect. Had a sad emojo and uploaded the error to Microsoft.