Updating autostar

10-Mar-2017 21:16

Do not turn off." If I try interacting with the Auto Star Updater at all it warns me that it will cancel the update.

Ie, even if your PC recognises it, the LS may not,as there are ( apparently ) counterfeit cards which dont comply fully with SD specs, and the LS is finnicky. I have also read mixed reviews on whether micro in adapters would work, that's why I bought two.

Am I misreading this and will I just have to wait till I have the SD card to try to download the files? It would seem like I don't even though I'm downloading everything from Meade's site as directed. I think the ASU responds according to what it finds on your computer, ie if you have already downloaded an update it greys out the option.

It stores the downloads in a subfolder C:\Program Files\Meade\Autostar Suite\Updater.

I was actively watching it and my machine isn't set to sleep or anything like that. I don't think it should cause any harm as theoretically the scope would be in a non-rest position for many hours over the course of nights but is a few days in this position potentially harmful?

The telescope was running on a fully charged Power Tank 17 which I thought would be even safer than running it from my apartment's power. I am afraid forcing it down could strip a gear so I've just left it where it originally stood in the middle of my office.

I have read in other places that the scope can be rotated manually with enough force to overcome the clutch but like you say I have not tried this myself for fear of stripping gears.

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