Updating dataset in asp net

23-Nov-2017 16:12

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You may add this behavior if you know how your data access components work.For example, in De Klarit we do load/save automatically to the database because we know how the generated components work.N between them you must do an update of the Main Table before you do it of the liked one. but supose an application with 40 or 50 typed dataset with datasets with 5 6 or 8 Data Tables.... I write here a code I have used to generate the Commands in version 1.1 and version 2.0.You'll see there is a big difference cause the in dot Net 2.0 the Commande Builder class really works and creates the Parametes with the names of the columns Tables.instead of the names of the columns, so you have to do the Table Mapping Manually.... NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data.NET code you likely would if you were accessing the data programmatically.Let's now turn our attention to filtering data with the Sql Data Source.

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To me, I don't like to develop Sql or Stored Procedures, I prefer create the Queries dinamically based on the structure of the Data Set.I go through the Article "Updating a Data Set with Multiple Tables using Enterprise Library " is ver good and valuable.But if possible Let me know how it possible with un Type Data Set.The built-in ones only let you save one row, but not the whole set of Data Set changes at once, which IMHO is probably the most interesting feature of the Data Set. NET built-in Data Sources useless for updating except when doing very simple tasks.

How to update a DataSet with. questions;. I go through the Article "Updating a DataSet with Multiple Tables using Enterprise Library.… continue reading »

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