Updating intellisense crash

08-Feb-2018 16:48

For large C translation units (and most of the ones that you care about are going to be large), Intelli Sense PCH is vital to ensuring fast Intelli Sense.Getting your PCH settings right are also vital to having fast builds – so getting this right can potentially be a boon on two fronts.The goal of this article is to assist you in troubleshooting this complex system, and give you a peek under the hood at how it works (and what to do when it doesn’t).Having spent a lot of time helping customers with slow Intelli Sense, I have found that their performance issues are almost always related to PCH being disabled.

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(In most cases, the build compiler will happily accept the more-conformant code being required by the Intelli Sense compiler.) Additionally, if you are targeting an architecture other than x86, you may notice that the Intelli Sense compiler is always operating in x86 mode.You can use this macro to guard code the Intelli Sense compiler does not understand, or use it to toggle between the build and Intelli Sense compiler.This is a good opportunity to discuss context in our Intelli Sense engine.An older post by Jim Springfield discusses this so-called “multi-mod” problem in greater detail.

Since the Microsoft Fall Creators Update, Visual Studio 2017 with Visual Assist X was crashing so badly from time to time. For me atleast the root of this problem was IntelliSense so only fix as of now is to disable IntelliSense and use VAX IntelliSense. Although you will lose some cool features of VS.… continue reading »

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I found that some combination of C++ code crashes Intellisense of Visual Studio 2017. All Intellisense operations hang and Visual C++ Package Server eats up to 4 GB RAM and loads one CPU unit. The status on this Developer Community item will be updated as that bug is looked at. Thanks again for.… continue reading »

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This is still happening in VS2013 update 4 I have a WPF project using C#. This was. For me, Unloading and Reloading a project fixes MVC cshtml intellisense. I followed the instructions here Also applies to VS2013… continue reading »

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Feb 12, 2010. In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at twitter.com/scottgu We shipped the VS 2010 RC on Monday, and have seen some great… continue reading »

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