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30-Mar-2017 03:03

These are not the only methods available, but they have the advantage of updating each file space's last backup start and end times.

For example, another method is to schedule periodic SELECTIVE backups of each file system.

If your terminal type is not supported, or you find working with the supplied editor support to be inconvenient, then add EDITOR NO to your file to use the native input support.

Using this option will disable interactive-mode command recall.

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Be aware that, if you use this method, we will not be able to respond to future documentation or upgrade issues that result. If you were using the Virtual Mount Point option as a workaround to backup EXT3 format filesystems in a previous version of TSM, these are no longer required and should be removed from your file.

These instructions assume that anyone administering a Linux system is technically savvy.

These instructions also assume the language used by the client is English and the locale code is either en_US or EN_US.

However this method requires maintaining a list of file systems to back up for each client, and the file space last backup start and end times are not updated on the TSM server.

Method 1 Backup-archive client option -ABSOLUTE was introduced in Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive Client version 6.4.1.

Stop any TSM client processes running with these commands: section of the fresh install instructions.

Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments. 4.2.4 Installing Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive client. 6.1.5 Updating or deleting a VM backup.… continue reading »

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