Validating suffering

11-Jun-2017 02:28

Other people may feel generally miserable or unhappy without knowing why.Children and teens may show depression by being irritable or cranky rather than sad.People with depression may not recognize or acknowledge that they're depressed.They may not be aware of signs and symptoms of depression, so they may think their feelings are normal.So the letter here is largely Paul validating his apostleship by way of his sufferings.

God divinely encourages Paul who suffers on behalf of the Son, so that he can be a conduit of comfort for others who suffer on behalf of the Son. God meets Paul with sufficient sustainment to meet his level of suffering.Meanwhile, the Corinthians saw persuasion as a key value, and the infiltrators sought to persuade them of his unfitness, but the persuasion Paul relied upon was that of Christ, not his own abilities.Like Paul, we are called to make much of Christ in our American-Corinthian culture, to suffer and be comforted by Christ as we seek to live out the Great Commission.Just as Christ was led to the cross in order that he might be raised from the dead, so good led Paul to within inches of his life so that his self reliance might be left in the grave and he be raised in himself from the dead.

A key word in this passage is “rely” which has its roots in “persuade” – Paul is no longer persuaded of his own abilities.Please make sure that you are requesting a valid passage! But every word in the title is so important for the message I have today.Paul then shifts from the general to the specific, recounting what he had Jay endured.

We recognise their suffering. Validating their suffering and providing empathic interpersonal care are key strategies for managing their distress and.… continue reading »

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