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It'd be great if you could provide some sample code here. I am using the Row Updating event to programmatically update my database, but the new values are already gone by the time the Row Updating event is fired. I have found several forum postings detailing this but no one has posted their solution. Another way to get values out of the gridview is to put the interesting fields in Data Key Names, which can be a very ugly solution because the viewstate grows as a result of this.

If so, how do you know the control id if it's dynamically created? I am having the same problem, and it's not a boundfield or template field problem either as I am using both. This magical function extracts values from the datacontrol fields and puts them in an IOrdered Dictionay.

Private Sub grv Sample_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Find Control("txt Type"), Text Box) Dim name As Text Box = Direct Cast(row.

Find Control("txt Number"), Text Box) Dim expiry As Text Box = Direct Cast(row.

Edit Index = -1 Dim SSQL = "select * from pass_details" Dim ds As New Data Set("GET_HIS") Dim adp As New Sql Data Adapter(SSQL, Conn) adp.

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There must be something fundamentally wrong that some of us are doing that is causing this and the fact that it's not happening to others, and they don't know the solution. this only works when the databind happends after the updating. My suggestion to you would be to either subclass gridview, and expose the Extract Row Values though a public method or stick everything you need in Data Keynames.

The reason is we don't fill the values unless your are bound to a datasource control.

Data Bind() End Sub Its not your fault that the new values are empty.

To do this, I created an instance of the Row Updating event for the Grid View.

This event passes the necessary information to the method via the Grid View Update Event Args parameter. Find Control("Label20e"), Label) Sql DSupport Info. Grid View has a method that is unfortunately protected called Extract Row Values. I know its very annoying and hard to get the data out of the data controls (gridview in this case), but there are other things you can do to make it easier. Place Link Button Edit in Item Template and Link Button Update and Cancel in Edit Tamplate of Gridview's column. Fire Grid View's Row Editing event for Link Button Edit. Fire Grid View's Row Updating event for Link Button Update. Fire Grid View's Row Canceling Edit event for Link Button Cancel. Set Command Name propery of Link Buttons according to their respective event. Set Grid View's Data Key Names Property to record ID (ID=Primary/Unique key of student table) 7.

I hav gridview in my aspx page.i already bind values from mysql to grid view.i want to update the values in gridview and my updated values are get updated in mysql.i tried of many times but my values did't get updated in mysql.is my aspx and coding pleaselet me know wat mistake i hav.… continue reading »

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Jul 2, 2014. This is a most common question in Forums. We will find the actual cause, for which the RowUpdating Event behaves abnormal.; Author Tadit Dash ତଡିତ୍ କୁମାର ଦାଶ; Updated ; Section Grid & Data Controls; Chapter Desktop Development; Updated.… continue reading »

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Nov 17, 2011. Introduction Visual Studio allows developers to quickly put together a WebForms page simply using drag and drop options from the Visual Studio editor. Binding form controls is mostly a simple matter of attaching a DataSource and setting your controls to reference the correct field in the DataSource.… continue reading »

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GridView Events RowUpdating Event. RowUpdating Event. RowUpdating. has a new home. Visit the API Browser on docs.to see the new experience. The RowUpdating event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the GridView control updates the row. This enables you to provide.… continue reading »

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Feb 25, 2014. Place LinkButton Edit in ItemTemplate and LinkButton Update and Cancel in EditTamplate of Gridview's column. 2. Fire GridView's RowEditing event for LinkButton Edit. 3. Fire GridView's RowUpdating event for LinkButton Update. 4. Fire GridView's RowCancelingEdit event for LinkButton Cancel. 5.… continue reading »

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Jul 11, 2011. You should use the two way binding here. I.e. Bind instead of Eval aspTextBox ID="txtId" runat="server" Text='%# Bind"id" %'/aspTextBox. Here is the link to documentation Data-Binding Expressions Overview. Here is my code behind protected void Page_Loadobject sender, EventArgs e.… continue reading »

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