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20-Jun-2017 13:29

They kept their DJ line up to high standard by having Dj Back to Basics (Da Party Rocker), Shane Talon, One Drop Sounds, Dj Touches, Optomistic and a host of others to the delight of the 2500 patrons! Back in the ATL on Friday May 22nd for the 11th Annual Atlanta Jouvert hosted by Krushmore Entertainment, I was ready to handle the challenge.This event is typically a tough one to cover but a good one!

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There were two rooms of music and people out to have a good time. But pour some liquor in a glass, put on some soca and it is an ‘all ah we’ kinda ting. It’s a nice soca weekender to get me ready for the carnival/soca hype of the coming year. Even now I think back and just laugh at the antics and the new catchphrases that came out of this weekend.

Some of the big DJ names/teams of the Europe soca scene were on the decks. It is in a really unexpected place for soca and I love that novelty.