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You can still travel from Paris to Vienna or Budapest by train today, see here.You can trace the history of the train pictured above from one year's railway timetable to the next all the way from 1883 to 2009, so the pedigree of this train is quite genuine - more so than either of the two expensive tourist trains of restored vintage rolling stock claiming to be the Orient Express (the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and the Nostalgic Orient Express), beautiful though they are.This page attempts to clear up some myths, put the Orient Express in context, and explain what the Orient Express really was.The Orient Express referred to here and shown in these photographs was the real Orient Express, the actual true descendant of that first Express d'Orient that left Paris in October 1883.You need to eat beforehand, because there is no restaurant car attached to the Orient Express when it leaves Istanbul - this isn't attached until Kapikule on the Turkish/Bulgarian border, in time to serve breakfast.

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Imagine it is the mid-1930s, and you are in Istanbul.

It was a normal scheduled Euro Night express, run by the Austrian national railways (BB), and you could travel on it with normal tickets including Inter Rail and Eurail passes.