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14-Mar-2017 22:28

I slipped into a dressing room, and turned to undress, letting my clothes fall around me.

I quickly slipped off the bra and panties I was wearing, and then pulled the sexy black thong underwear up.

All the while, my lovely customer, whose name she told me was Celeste, was telling me what the gift was for.

Her friend's birthday was the following day, and she figured that sexy lingerie would make her feel good.

It was just about closing time on Friday night, and I was itching to get off work.

For once, I was actually going to have an entire weekend off from my job at the lingerie store, and it was all I could do not to just shoo all the customers out and close the store a bit early.

A beautiful, elegant, sexy woman who obviously did not care what time it was or when the store closed.I wondered at that last comment..and pleasure in each other..I let it go.As I began to slip on the bra, I felt silken fingers caressing my back, running up my spine to help clasp the bra.I blushed slightly at this attention, at which she laughed, rather heartily.

"You're lovely, just lovely..lingerie looks fantastic. I will go ahead and get that set for my friend." I nodded and began to gather up my clothes to get dressed again when I felt Celeste's hand on my shoulder.Deep in my mind, I knew that a store clerk like me could never even hope to be with a amazing woman such as the one standing before me.Besides, she was wearing a huge rock on her finger, a beautiful wedding set.There was something about this woman that drew me to her.