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Edit: Apropos to the topic at hand, we are well within the creepiness limit, being only three days also have to factor in the increasing (with age) percentages of your eligible dating pool who are: (a) single because they have Serious Issues and should thus be avoided, or (b) single because having been involved with people from group (a), they are now broken, bitter shells of human beings.at almost 28 (and with a much reduced dating pool to start with, at an optimistic 10% of 50% of the population within my non-creepy age range), i try to hold out hope that there's a signficant number left in group (c): people who are just unlucky.But that's a much better way to work it out, I did it with trial-and-error I'd just like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to my wife, on the edge of the belle curve (love that one).We've been married almost 5 years, met on the Internet (Prime's Girl, take notice), and I was pretty sure we'd get along when she invited me over to her apartment and had a copy of K&R on the bookshelf next to her TV.This wouldn't even fall in a range that had 8x/5 as an upper bound. I don't get why everyone is saying that 14 year olds can't date under this formula.Just look at it in terms of a smaller unit of time (say months, or days) and add 7 years under that unit, instead of just adding 7.Neither of them knows what is it they're looking for and they both start out with a set of tools and try to come closer towards that certain something." -Laurie Anderson How creepy. Or, I can just cope with being in a creepy relationship. It's only an internet relationship (terribly pathetic of me, yes), will be until January or so. More creepiness is allowed, cos anyone that DOES have a problem with it can easily just assume it won't last. *sniffle* And our maturity levels aren't that different, which is what it really comes down to.I was thinking of this exact same formula on the way to work today. In fact, I'll be disobeying it for another 8 years... Derived formula: If two partners are aged d years apart, then their relationship will be non-creepy when the younger is aged d 14, and the older 2d 14.

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That point tends to be forgotten in places such as this forum, where exceptions are plentiful. Edit: After summing the populations of the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand (all but the US and Europe from Google; the US from and Europe from Wikipedia), it looks like 20% is a better estimate of the developed world; with that in mind, there are more like 67,747,625; call it 70 million.

Anyway, this formula precludes same-aged children dating before both are 14 (the range becomes negative below that), which may sound a bit weird but isn't particularly creepy. I remember that a cute girl in my grade was hitting on me back in elementary school.

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