Xx dating gary bosson

17-Jul-2017 11:27

For autocross, the choice seemed clear to me, a 914.

I have greatly enjoyed autocross for many years and have been competitive within my class.I would be honored to have you continued support as Vice President of GGR for the next term. That goes for moose or anything that looks remotely like a moose.Love the cars, like the club, couldn't find anyone to replace me so I'll do it again!Its light, has an ideal weight disribution, and ideal handling.

It has everything one could want in an autocross car, except power.I would occasionally finish in the top 10, but a TTOD (top time of day) finish was inaccessible.While it is fun driving an autocross regardless of how you finish, my competitive streak motivated me to try to do better overall. While I had had modest success, my driving skills were not (and still aren't) at the level of our recent PAX winners Larry Sharp and Andrew Blyholder.(If you think I'm going to do it, you don't know me at all! For those of you who don't know me, I have been an active member of GGR for 18 years. I enjoy Autocrossing and Time Trialing, am an Autocross instructor and have been one of the lead instructors at the Zone 7 Autocross School the last several years.